Reem's WOMAD Workshop 2023

Let us in!


Traditional Palestinian

Arr. Reem Kelani (PRS for Music)


Hawwilouna! Hawwilouna!

Habaayeb Laa Tiz‘i-louna


‘Aaditna Nilbas Maqaaseb

‘Aaditnan Naasib Manaaseb

Bil Karam… Bil Karam

Bil Karam… Maa Ti-ghil-bouna!



Let us in! Let us in!
Our loved ones, don’t you go upsetting us
Our tradition is to dress in finery
Our tradition is to marry well
Our generosity is unsurpassed!

Copyright Reem Kelani 2023

Going up the Mountain

(Ya Taali‘een ‘Ala el-Jabal)

 Traditional Palestinian

Arr. Reem Kelani (PRS for Music)


Ya Taali‘een ‘Aa Lalalal Jabal

Ya Moululu Mouqideen En-Naar

Bey LeLeLeil, Yamaan Yamaan!

‘Ey LeLeLeil Haanaa Ya Rouh



Those of you going up the mountain

Lighting the fires as you climb

In the dark of night, Yamaan Yamaan!

Think fondly of your loved ones

Copyright Reem Kelani 2023

Fishermen’s Songs from Gaza

(Hey Yallah!)

Traditional Palestinian

Arr. Reem Kelani (PRS for Music)


Hey Yallaw, Ya Hela Hey… Hela Hey!

Hey Yallaw, Ya Hela Hey… Hela Hey!


Hey Yallaw Ya Hey Yallah… Hela Hey!

Sabah Essabah Wis-tabah-na… Hela Hey!

Hey Yallaw Ya Sitr Allah… Hela Hey!

Hey Yallaw Ya E-naayt Allah… Hela Hey!



We rise early in the morning… Hela Hey!

Seeking refuge in God… Hela Hey!

Earning protection from God… Hela Hey!

Copyright Reem Kelani 2023

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